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Shiro Saiki
Shiro Saiki.jpg
Full Name Shiro Saiki
Aliases Cherry Blossom Princess
Kanji 四郎咲
Rōmaji Shiro Saiki
Meaning (Blossom)
四郎 (Various)
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 1898
Birthplace Aerugo
Age 16-17 (Around 19 at the end)
Gender Female
Height 5`4"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Dark Red (Dull)
Eye Color Dull Gray
Unique Trait Burn Scars on back
Sign ♒︎ Aquarius
Blood Type A-
Professional Information
Affiliation Saiki Bakery
Saiki Clan
Previous Affiliation Aerugo State Military
Occupation Owner of Saiki Bakery
Previous Occupation Military Officer
Team Saiki Clan
Previous Team Seven Cherry Blossoms
Partner Frederick Nara
Previous Partner Riza Hawkeye
Base of Operations Resembool, Amestris
Personal Information
Education Private Tutoring
Marital Status Married
Family Frederick Nara (father)
Grace Nara (mother)
Evelyn Nara (older sister)
Bella Nara (aunt)
Shiro`s Cousins (cousins)
Edward Saiki (father-in-law)
Mary Saiki (mother-in-law)
River Saiki (wife)
Goal To take care of her children
Status Alive
Signature Skill Martial arts
Chi Blocking

Shiro Saiki (四郎咲 Shiro Saiki, née Nara (奈良))—also known in the anime series as the Cherry Blossom Princess (さくら姫 Sakura Hime)—is the matriarch of the Saiki clan, as well as a former member of the Nara clan; due to marrying outside both her faith as well as her traditionalist clan, she was exiled alongside her then-husband and two daughters from her native homeland, unable to return lest she be killed. The daughter of two survivors of her clan`s older generation, she is a chi blocker capable of blocking the paths of spiritual energy that alchemy flows through; she is capable of immobilizing her enemies permanently or even temporarily depending on the amount of pressure that she uses to block their chi. A teenager mother, and having children from her previous marriage, she emigrated from Aerugo`s capital city to Resembool; a peaceful town located in Amestris`s countryside. When she had lived in Aerugo on her husband's estate, their constant fighting made the estate a hostile environment for their children, and in a fight of rage, Shiro divorced her husband and moved to another country. Her former husband sold his estate due to the painful but wonderful memories that he had shared with his former wife and daughters on the estate, he enlisted in the military and became an officer. In Resembool she found love, and married into the Saiki clan becoming their famed matriarch; though she is average for her age among her clansmen, her exotic dull dark-red hair and dull grey eyes attracted her much attention for her beauty. The two attended culinary school together and graduated, earning degrees in business, economics, and the culinary arts; from there they opened a bakery, Saiki Bakery where they now work together as a couple.


Shiro is average for her age and healthy though somewhat thin around her waist. She has long, flowing dull dark-red hair and dull gray eyes, her clansmen possess hair of various shades of the color red making her appear very similar to them. She has a stoic facial expression, and heavily resembles her mother; on one occasion, she is even mistaken for her mother. Her second daughter Asuka is very similar to her in appearance, and by affiliation her mother as well; it is unknown what her eye color is, as she has never opened her eyes as of yet.


Shiro is a gentle and sweet woman, though she tends to get irritated at men when they show-off in front of her, and she is fiercely independent, she has a hatred for men who are extremely clingy. Her former husband was clingy, and because of their destroyed relationship, she hates clingy men due to that. Stoic by nature rather than by choice, she doesn't express many emotions and instead of solving her problems with diplomacy, she solves it by using a frying pan to solve her problems; her two daughters and wife cite her as "scary as a mother bear". Openly blunt and never sugarcoating her words, Shiro is extremely adept at martial arts and is a master at hand-to-hand combat despite having retired from her former country`s military; in fact she is known as one of the best masters in hand-to-hand combat known to the Amestrian public at large. Much like her daughters, Shiro is shown at times to have a fierce temper which breaks her mask of stoicism. She is open to criticizing her family and is often seen disciplining her children by not allowing them dessert. Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric are easily scared by her, and consider her to be a "monster" as she has enough brute strength to completely level a city block just by punching the ground, without holding back her power at all; in a controlled environment, she can release it more carefully.


Frederick Nara