Oh my God, I can't believe that my sister has turned out this cute! Where's my camera?!
Romeo Ericson
Full Name Romeo Ericson
Aliases "Don Juan"
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate May 30th
Birthplace Roariz
Age 35
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Weight 50 kg
Hair Color Light blonde
Eye Color Blue
Sign Gemini
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Painter, part-time teacher
Previous Occupation Grocer
Base of Operations Northern Ishval
Personal Information
Marital Status Single

Romeo Ericson (ロミオエリクソン, Romio Erikuson) is a travelling painter and the older brother of Lily Ericson, originally hailing from the city of Roariz. He currently lives in one of the northern villages in the Ishval province where he, besides painting, also teaches the creative arts at a small school. Over the years that Romeo has spent on the road he has gained the title "Don Juan" among Amestris' ladies for his both flirtatious and charming behavior whenever he stays in the larger cities.


Romeo is a fairly tall man with wide shoulders and a firmly built body. Described by many women as both handsome and lean, his facial features are at the border between soft and sharp with a pointy chin while his cheeks and jawline are much softer shaped. His eyes are somewhat narrow though they tend to pop out whenever he sees a cute girl on the street. Much like his sister, Lily, Romeo sports the same pale, typical Amestrian colors with somewhat pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, though Romeo's are a few shades lighter than Lily's. He also sports a slight bit of stubble on his chin and along his jawline, though he tends to it as if the stubble was his own private garden. It is not uncommon for Romeo to have bits and pieces of paint smudged here and there on either his clothes or on his skin as he constantly draws, paints or sketches whenever he is on the road or takes a few days to rest at a town, and he also tends to have a smudgy coating of lead from whenever he uses his fingers to shade his works.

Romeo's wardrobe, prior to his travel to Ishval, consisted of only the most fashionable clothes at the time and place with most of them being in blue, white or gray colors. These clothes were mostly, if not only, worn whenever he was stopping in a town for a few days. His travel-hardy clothes, however, consist of extremely unflattering (according to Romeo himself) light brown trousers, a gray shirt,a dark brown trench-coat and a sturdy pair of travelling boots. In addition to this he also carries a quite powerful handgun, concealed in a pocket located inwardly on the right side of his trench-coat. His clothes while staying in Ishval consists of longsleeved robes in breezy fabrics, thin tunics and baggy trousers, all of these articles in light colors much like the clothes of the Ishvalans themselves.





Romeo painting

Romeo painting outside

Romeo lectured

Romeo being lectured by his mother

Romeo hotel

On a balcony

Romeo epiphany

Romeo gets an epiphany

Romeo's Art

Others seeing Romeo's "secret stash"