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"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Retsu Havoc
Aliases Rae, Mrs.Havoc, Lisa Havoc, Rose Hughes, Julie
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Approx. 26-28
Family Jean Havoc (husband, supposedly)

Philip Gargantos Armstrong (father)
Olivier Mira Armstrong (oldest sister)
Alex Louis Armstrong (younger brother)
Catherine Elle Armstrong (youngest sister)
Amue Armstrong (younger sister)
Strongine Armstrong (younger sister)

Affiliations Amestrian State Military

Roy Mustang
Havoc General Store
Olivier Mira Armstrong

Species Human
Occupation Retired Officer, Worker at Havoc General Store
Abilities Deadly accuracy, undercover work, etc
Weapon Guns, knives, etc
Unique Trait Men's style of clothing
Goal Have a child someday

Protect Maes Hughes (formerly)

Voice Actor Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Seiyū Gara Takashima

Retsu "Rae" Havoc (née Armstrong) is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Amestrian State Military, and the supposed wife of Jean Havoc. She is proclaimed as a very strict, yet kind woman. She is also known for having a dislike towards Havoc's smoking habits, although she is no better herself. She has an extensive background in handling guns and has been noted to shoot at men who interrupt her when she is speaking. She is a member of the Armstrong family, being the second-oldest Armstrong, behind Olivier Mira Armstrong.


"She was a a masterpiece of a masterpiece. Her hair was long, beautiful and blonde. Her eyes, weathered, considerably lonely, yet still with a light in them were blue. Her body was adorned by a black Men In Black-looking suit with matching black leather knee-high boots. She sat on the stool like she belonged, as though it was her purpose to be sitting in a bar, drowning her sorrows in alcohol."

—Havoc upon first meeting Retsu
Retsu Havoc

Retsu's odd manly clothing-style

Retsu is a considerably attractive woman with long, dark blonde hair that is darker than most Armstrong's, and is unique and soft blue eyes. She is well-known for her style of clothing being that of a man's as she has stated women's clothing to be too "constricting" and that it restricts her from moving quickly.

She is typically seen with a caring look in her eyes, rarely if ever seen with a killing intent in her eyes, as mentioned by Alex.


Retsu havoc 2

Retsu is a somewhat pained and burdened woman, presumably because of what she has done in the name of the military and the people she has killed. Jean has mentioned her to have nightmares, and that she cries in her sleep because of this. Despite being burdened and pained, she mantains a sweet, kind and considerably warm demeanor that seems to interest and eventually influence those around her.

She is friendly and often talkative, having enjoyed being and speaking with people since she was a child, and has several friends "in high places", including Grumman, Maes Hughes, and even Roy Mustang. She is well-known for acting as an informant for Chris Mustang also.