Randolph Kelsey is a Captain of the Military and serves at East City. He is known as the Steel Boned Alchemist.

Randolph Kelsey
Steel Boned Alchemist






123 lbs.


January 17th


Captain; Alchemist

Unique Traits

  • Smells like Cigarettes
  • Wears a Beret, White in Color


To become Fuhrer and Clean Up the corrupted Ametris




Randolph is about 5'6" with brown hair, on his head. He has a mustache and beard as well. He has blue eyes. He wears a blue Military uniform with a metal belt. The uniform is a blue jacket with a gold chain hanging loosely with stiff shoulder pads. Hanging off his waist, he carries a long sword sheated in a black sheath. He wears black boots and has two silver gloves. The knuckles of these gloves stick out and towards the lower arm, are two transmutations circles.


A strong willed man, Randolph tends to over react. He has a keen sense of right and wrong and understands the military was corrupt. He only served to see what his brother would do who serves as a Major General.


Keen Sense- Randolph has a keen sense of right and wrong and can easily distinguish friend from enemy. He seems to understand most situations, although he appears as a dim-wit.

Swordsman- He is quite the adept swordsman and can hold his own against multiple enemies. He often transmutates his blade, to a larger form proving that he can take wield different types of blades.

Mechanical Skills- While not skilled with machines, he can easily dechiper the problems with Auto-Mail.

Master Alchemist- Randolph is an Alchemist of the highest calibur. He was given the name "Iron Boned Alchemst" due to his skills in bending his sword to a stronger form. People often think of a sword as an extra arm, so how he controls its metal shape is similar to a the bone works in the arm. He can also bend the metal gauntlets he wears.


As a child, Randolph grew up in Central. Wanting to move on, he joined the Military. As a 2nd Lieutanant he was transffered to East City and quickly engaged against thieves. He managed to shoot down three of them, but took a hit to the leg by there leader. After a trip to the hospital, he recieved his Purple Heart and given the Rank of 1st Lieutanant. He soon began to move up in the ranks and eventually was the rank of Captain about a week before the rising of the Homunculus. He was in the car behind the Fuherer's Son, Selim Bradley. When they were attacked by the General, he noticed Selim's escape from the car and quickly followed. He arrived after the death of the Pride and brought Mustang and Riza to the hospital.


  • He tends to be a chain smoker.
  • Although he served in East City, he didn't serve under Colonel Mustang.