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Nuo Meyer
Aliases Natalia Meyer
General Information
Race Xingese/Amestrian
Birthdate October 19th
Birthplace Amestris
Age 28
Professional Information
Affiliation Xing,
Occupation ???
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Family Amestrian Mother, Xingese Father
Goal ???
Status Alive
Signature Skill Close Quarters Combat
Weapons Dao (sword)

Having worked for the Amestrian military as a secretary and personal assistant for over four years, everyone in Amestris knows her under the name Natalia Meyers. In reality, she bears the given name Nuo, and acts as Xing's looking glass into the inner workings of the Amestrian government.






Though Nuo rarely uses her swords, usually keeping several hidden away in her home for emergencies, she is highly skilled with these Xingese weapons. These heavy blades single-edged blades are intended for slashing and chopping rather than stabbing, though they are still capable of thrusting strikes. Nuo's swords feature leather lanyards on the handles, though she rarely remembers to use them. Nuo maintains a strict training regiment with her swords, practicing three times a week to maintain her skills. Though Nuo spends more time training in hand to hand combat than she does in swordsmanship, she is still quite dangerous with a Dao in her hand.

Powers & Abilities