Kora Marie Williams
Aliases Corporal Kora Williams
Birthplace Amestris
Date of Birth 1880
Age 34 (Deceased as of late 1914)
Family None (All Deceased)
Affiliations Amestrian State Military
Elric Brothers
Roy Mustang
Species Human
Occupation Intelligence Agent & Military Adviser
Abilities Some Alchemy
Weapon Gun
Unique Trait Ability to separate work life from person life, kindness, strength on the battlefield, inspiring speeches
Goal Protect Amestris
Voice Actor Brina Palencia
Seiyū Kana Uetake

Brigadier General Kora Marie Williams was the first Female Brigadier General as well as the first female officer to achieve such a high rank. She was believed to be close to becoming the Führer before she was killed. Her killer is later revealed to have been Father himself after she discovered that the Homonculi were hiding underneath Central. She was endearing to those who knew her and as such, her death took a toll upon them, especially the Elric Brothers, whom she had provided for after the death of fellow Brigadier General and friend, Maes Hughes.


Kora was generally described as being a kind, yet tough woman. She demonstrated the ability to separate "what she does and who she is", something both Roy and Maes mentioned was quite hard. She was well-known and regarded for her inspiring speeches and strength on the battlefield which permitted her to be a good leader. She is also quite modest, especially about her rank, and commonly introduces herself as Corporal Kora Williams, a rank which is approximately eleven ranks away from her actual rank and should it be her actual rank, would make Danny Brosh her superior.

Kora, however, could be firm and quite cruel on the battlefield. She was mentioned to have been able to "live up" to the expectations of Olivier Mira Armstrong, whom she was good friends with, both of which further enlarge others image of her. She had everything a good leader required: courage, honesty, loyalty, and care. She refused to leave anyone, especially her soldiers, behind and consistently worked in order to make their and others' lives better.



Kora achieved Brigadier General after her participation in the Ishval Civil War, where she used little alchemy and risked her life for the sake of Amestris, something the Führer found admirable. It was during her time in Ishval that she became close with Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, and Alex Louis Armstrong. Shortly after she became a Brigadier General, she met and became close with Olivier Mira Armstrong as well.


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