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"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Hans Fuhler
Hans profile
Full Name Hans Kimblee Fuhler
Aliases None
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate December 17th
Birthplace North City, Amestris
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Weight 64 kg (140 lbs)
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Gold
Unique Trait Missing right-arm (does not use Automail)
Sign Sagittarius
Blood Type B-
Professional Information
Affiliation Central University
Fuhler Steel Company
Occupation Medical Student
Partner Jacques Cavendish
Base of Operations Central City
Personal Information
Education Privately Tutored
Central University (attending)
Marital Status Single
Family Kerr Fuhler (father)
Catherina Fuhler (mother)
Lanzo Fuhler (brother, deceased)
Adeline Fuhler (sister, deceased)
Goal Discover a cure for his sister's disease
Status Alive (active)
Weapons Rapier
Alchemy Basic Transmutation
And his eyes... they were already those of a dead man.

–Character tagline

Hans Fuhler (ハンス フラー, Hansu Furā) is an ameteur alchemist who hails from North City. His father, Kerr Fuhler, is the current head of the Fuhler Steel Company, which is one of the chief suppliers of steel to both the military and Automail manufacturors across Amestris. He is currently studying medicine at Central University, hoping to eventually gain the skills necessary to discover a cure for the disease that claimed his sister's life. Having attempted Human Transmutation, Hans witnessed the Gate of Truth before losing his right arm, although he still refuses to replace it with automail. He is one of the founding leaders of the 12 Cenz Stamp Revolution, which is a peaceful protest against union monopolies in Amestris such as his father's own company. As such he has begun to make certain enemies in Central, especially amongst those who profit from the steel industry.


Hans is a tall, slender young man who stands at about 5’10” (178 cm), weighing approximately 140 lbs (64 kg). His slight build is accentuated by his thin, straight torso and long legs, although he possesses a certain wiry strength due to his extensive practice in fencing. His natural agility is reflected in the confident, elegant way in which he carries himself, and he moves with graceful efficiency. He has medium-length dark brown hair which is often mussed and messy after his long sessions of laborious study, and his complexion is pale. He has a long face with an elegant jaw that ends in a sharp chin, a refined nose and eyebrows, and thick, pale lips. One of his most distinguishing features are his piercing golden eyes which, aside from their inherent rarity draw attention by the hard glint and shadows of deep musing, causing him to seem years older than he truly is.

His current attire consists of a collared white shirt, which he wears with a cravat, necktie or scarf, a simple vest, basic black trousers, and a dark colored jacket. Considering his family’s social status his clothes are of high quality and well-made, tailored to fit him perfectly, although this is not readily apparent as he has chosen to restrict himself to an austere or minimalist style in order to blend in with his peers. He is missing his right arm from an incident several years ago, and so far has not replaced the limb with automail, refusing to wear even a normal prosthesis, for unknown reasons.


Hans at grave

Hans at his sister's grave.



Young hans

Hans after grasping the implications of his sister's illness.


  • Webster-Savage No. 1: After losing his right-arm Hans applied himself in practicing his marksmanship, eventually coming to accept a pistol as his weapon of choice. He uses a customized Webster double action .455 service model revolver that has a trigger guard specifically suited for left-handed use. While it may appear somewhat rugged and bulky, it is an extremely powerful firearm for its size. The polished blue steel barrel is 4" long and the weapon weighs at about two pounds, holding 6 rounds in the cylinder with a fixed front sight pin and rear notch to aim. Firing at roughly 620 ft/s, the rate of fire is an impressive 20-30 rounds/minute. Of course it takes significantly more time to reload, but Hans is efficient and well-practiced, capable of smoothly performing the operation in the spanse of a few seconds. However, as the firing range remains most effective at fifty-yards or less he mainly uses the revolver for "close-quarter" combat, meaning self-defense. The gun was manufactured using high quality steel, with a quintessential hinged frame and case hardened parts. The cylinder axis is a fixed part of the barrel, and it features automatic extraction to remove the spent cartridges from the cylinder. While the No. 1 is actually an older model, as the company later designed the No. 2 to replace it, Hans has found that it remains the more powerful and accurate make, although he may be somewhat biased due to nostalgia, as the gun originally belonged to his grandfather.




(Political musings) "While the measures taken to achieve progress must be correct and beneficial, they do not in themselves justify the goal if the final result infringes upon the health of common good. The end must likewise be legitimate to justify the means, but the means themselves must be undeniably just."


  • The Webster-Savage No. 1 was based on the real-world Webley revolver.
  • Hans' middle name was given to him by his father as an homage to Solf J. Kimblee. Unlike most citizens of Amestris, Kerr does not trust the current Führer and considered his rise to the position to be an elaborate lie to snatch power away from Bradley. He saw Kimblee as a hero of the Ishvalan Civil War, not as a criminal, as he believes Kimblee "put a swift end to what would have otherwise been a long-lasting and costly skirmish." Hans' own thoughts on the name, however, remain unknown.
  • Hans is known to possess a distinct hatred for garlic, as he cannot stand the taste or scent of it.