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Heart of Sin is a story-driven Fanon Canon that occurs ten years after the ending of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. While canon characters appear over the course of the story, the main plot revolves around several fan-made original characters. The role-play's main participants are ShonenChicoBoy and Dedmnwalkn88.


The year is 1926. It has been twelve years since Father and his Homunculi were defeated, and ten years since the Elric brothers began their quest to discover new branches of alchemy. Amestris has prospered under the strong leadership of Führer Bradley's successors: first under Grumman, and now Mustang. Within a decade of peace, the nation sought to repair relations with surrounding countries, especially Xing, and even allowed the Ishvalans to rebuild in their historic homeland. However, there are signs of recent unrest. After Mustang initiated a series of political reforms in order to demilitarize the autocratic government, the parliament—originally meant to invest the people with power—took power themselves and became corrupt. They began to endorse monopolies such as Fuhler Steel Company in order to line their own pockets, outraging those who were disenfranchised as a result. While Mustang and his cabinet are aware of the corruption, they have tied their own hands by the legal boundaries they had put in place to check their own influence. Now, it is up to a revolution led by mere university students to fill in the gap and champion the cause of the exploited. But the military has an even larger problem looming in its sight: Drachma. Despite the war-reparations that continue to be made with other nations, Drachma remains frigid, and the tension between the two countries is quickly escalating to the breaking point. Only a tenuous strand of false amicability keeps war at bay. Seeing the delicate situation as a weak point in Amestris’ infrastructure, a dangerous group of counter-revolutionaries known as Nightshade close in to exact their revenge on the military who slighted them.

In the meantime, Hans Fuhler—the son of steel company tycoon Kerr Fuhler and an amateur alchemist who committed the taboo of human transmutation in a failed attempt to revive his dead sister—along with his fellow students at Central University, are drawn into a maze involving an evil more ancient than that previously unleashed by the Dwarf in the Flask. As Philosopher’s Stones begin to reappear along with the vestiges of the Homuncili, a pulse beneath Amestris begins to beat... a pulse known as the Heart of Sin.





Hans Fuhler

Jun Lang

Leon Kershaw

Ivory McDougal

Slade Giles

Owen Bennett-

Jacques Cavendish

Ella Stone

Bernard Folcher


Soldiers and Spies- Remnants of the regime of the late Fuhrer Bradly are at risk of falling into dangerous hands, unless Jun Lang is able to prevent potential disaster.

Siblings in Arms- Leon is called to meet the new leader of Nightshade, whom he has not seen since leaving the group two years prior.

The Past 10 Years

At the start of Fullmetal Alchemist: Heart of Sin, roughly ten years have passed since the end of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Obviously, with Amestris having been left facing many serious changes at the end of the canon series, the ten years prior to the start of the Fanon Canon are also filled with changes, not just in Amestris, but the world of Fullmetal Alcehmist.