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"I mean, you know the answer to that better than anyone, Dad... I'm Greed the Avaricious... You were the one that made me this way, after all. I'm just being myself. I simply had larger ambitions than spending my life working for you... So why don'tcha come on in, kids, the water's fine! Nice and hot! Just like the flames in hell... I'll send you a postcard, let you know what they're like... And when the rest of you get there—I'll be waiting for you!"
Greed the Avaricious
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Science is the gateway to an external elevation. But without internal analyzation, every accomplishment will prove useless. Humans are illogical creatures. There is no theorem that can successfully predict the actions of the human soul. And science cannot define what the value of a soul is. We are flawed beings with a certain perfection in this flaw.

Feng-Wu is a Xingese Lieutenant Colonel and Major in the Amestris State Military. Before denouncing Xing, Wu was one of the fifty heirs, children of the previous Emperor, who combatted for the throne of Xing. Wu's noble heritage lead to the prince inheriting the Feng households signature martial art... Although Wu's superiors, who are aware of his heritage, watch the young prince in fear of treachery; the Military State has constantly shown their gratitude for him. Even regarding him as one of their master pieces against their enemies. However, Wu has publicly denounced his ties to his former country. Causing those from Xing to brand him the 'Traitor Prince.'

Main Article: Wu Feng
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