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"This portal, I know it contains every secret alchemy has to offer. However, it's also led me astray. I saw the truth that lies within it. And I became convinced I could solve everything with alchemy, but I couldn't possibly have been more wrong. That was just arrogance... That's the only thing I've ever been, just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl, not even with alchemy."
Edward Elric
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Your obsession with "Gates" and bypassing the laws of equivalent exchange and all is so quaint! But if you want to get more out of something all you have to do is work smarter, not harder. That’s why I let my alchemy do the heavy lifting for me. All it takes is a bit of math. It’s science, not magic.

Jacques Cavendish, often simply referred to as “Cavendish” by everyone except his closest associates, is a current student at Central University and a good friend of Hans Fuhler. He is studying for a degree in chemistry and Chemical Alchemy: subjects that greatly interest him. Even though he is still an undergraduate, he is considered to be a scientific prodigy amongst academic circles because of his innovative research, and is a talented alchemist in his own right.

Main Article: Jacques Cavendish
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