Emma Elric is the Grandaughter of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell-Elric.

Emma Elric
Emma Elric


13 (At Start)




98 lbs.


February 16th


Engineer, Alchemist in Training

Blood Type

AB negative



Unique Traits

  • Resmebles Grandmother, Winry Rockbell greatly
  • Long braided ponytail, similar to Grandfather Edward


Becoming a Top Alchemist



Emma is a young looking light skinned girl. She has long blonde hair and sea blue eyes. At the start, when she lived at home she wore a red shirt with a pink sweater. She wore this with a pair of blue jeans. Upon leaving for her journey, she began wearing a sleevless black shirt with a pair of black pants and black sneakers. Over this she wore a black coat with a hood. Going down the coat was a white strip. She wears two white gloves with alchemy circles on them. She also braided her ponytail, in a similar fashion to Edward.


Similar to the rest of her family, Emma has a powerful outlook on life. She strives for her goals and hates when she is belittled. She hates those who would sacrafice loved ones, and when hearing that the Philosopher's Stone requires the death of many. She, like her Grandfather hates being called names especially about her height and anything offesive to woman.


Alchemy- Her skills in Alchemy, flow through her blood. Due to her Grandfather and Granduncles meeting with the gate, she has some experience with Alchemy and has fully mastered it, even though she is young. She does, however need a Transmutation circle. She prefers Transmutating metal into small blades and shields.

Martial Arts- Her unknown father, before he left trained her in martial arts. She wasn't very good until she learned the Army was reforming. She heard how her Grandfather's name was being diminished and she wanted to save it. She became a Master at the Art of fighting and has a hell of a punch.

Acrobatic and Grace- She can move gracefully and skillfully in the battlfield, using jumps and hops followed by sprinting and such to take out targets. This along with her Alchemy and Fighting skills, makes her a dangerous foe.


  • Her middle name is Elicia, named after a family friend named Elicia Hughes