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"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Danielle Hughes
Danielle Hughes
Aliases Danny
Birthplace Amestris
Date of Birth August 4, 1880
Age 34 (as of 1914)
Family Maes Hughes (brother, deceased)
Gracia Hughes (sister-in-law)
Elicia Hughes (niece)
Species Human
Occupation Florist
Abilities Cooking
Unique Trait Red Eyes
Personality Like Maes
First Appearance Episode 16
Voice Actor Cherami Leigh
Seiyū Shimizu Ai

Danielle Hughes is the older sister of Maes Hughes, the sister-in-law of Gracia Hughes and the aunt of Elicia Hughes. She is highly devoted to her brother and his family's well-being, having rushed back to Central in order to help them through the grief of his death and to help support them. Like her brother, she is a very likeable character because of their similar personalities.


Danielle appears as a impregnated woman with long dark brown hair that curls at several points and crimson red eyes. Since she is pregnant, she appears in large dresses that allow for her to walk easily and is often seen with a bag slung over her arm. She tends to wear purple eyeshadow and red lipstick, both of which compliment her naturally attractive looks.


Danielle child

Danielle with her child

Danielle and husband

Danielle with her husband

Danielle possesses a personality similar to her brother. She is cheerful and light-hearted, rarely taking any situation seriously and generally making jokes. She is forcefully hospitable too, never taking "no" for an answer and remaining consistent in her attempts to give someone hospitality. She seems to enjoy poking fun at the things about a person's appearance that annoy them the most (i.e Edward's height, Mustang's "handsome face").

Underneath this attitude, she is trustworthy, kind, and motherly, acting like a surrogate mother to the Elric Brothers. She is trusted by Roy with the secrets of the Homunculus, and his goal to become Furher. She has come to begin to attempt to help Roy with his goal, despite not possessing a military status.



Maes Hughes

Gracia Hughes

Elicia Hughes

Roy Mustang

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