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"Same old Ed... home for five minutes and you're off on another adventure. But you can't go into combat with that arm and leg, can you?"

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Aliases Dade Kuri, Kisara's husband, Lieutenant Kuri
Birthplace Amestris
Date of Birth 1886
Age 28 (Deceased)
Family One younger sister, two brothers
Affiliations Amestrian State Military, Kisara Kuri
Species Human
Occupation Soldier in Amestrian State Military
Abilities Unknown
Weapon Knives
Unique Trait Constant smile
Goal Become the Daimyo of Isamu (formerly)

Protect Kisara Kuri


Dade was a soldier in the Amestrian State Military and the dating partner of Kisara Kuri before his death. He was promoted to lieutenant after his death.


Dade had long pale blue hair that reached his back and dark green eyes.


Dade was a young man whom cared deeply for Kisara and her siblings, willingly risking his life for them. He is also described as wise and honourable man that truly believed in justice.


Not much is known about Dade's abilities, with the exception that he was capable of using push knives.


Dade was supposedly killed by an enemy soldier, but it was later revealed that the Homonculus, Wrath killed him after he discovered the world-wide Transmutation Circle, similarly to Maes Hughes. However, long before Wrath could kill him, Dade left behind clues for Kisara to follow to uncover the Transmutation Circle approximately nine years later.

When Kisara was approached by the Homonculus, Horace (whom is actually Greed ll), he offered to bring Dade and Dennis back to life, using a Philospher's Stone, thus giving them immortal bodies, and thus she would be able to spend 'forever' with them, and even offering to give her an immortal body also. However, Kisara explains that although she would be with the one she loved, those she knew at the time would pass away and she'd feel even more grief over not being able to die with them. Her use of the word loved indicated that she had found a new love interest, Roy Mustang. She also explained that both Dennis and Dade would try to kill themselves if they knew what she'd traded their lives for.