Clara Warrens is a 1st Lieutanant who works in Central under direct order of the Fuherer.


Clara wears a standard uniform with a chain along her waist. She carries a machine gun, thought to be a FG42 on her back. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She has two purple earings that add to her attraction.


Quite timid around others, Clara does have a fierce side. She has expert battle expertise. When around others, she keeps quiet but when her comrades are in trouble she jumps to the situation and takes out the enemy.


Machine Gun Expert- Clara's expertise is Machine Guns. Her favorite is the FG42 that has customized features.

Martial Arts Expert- She had five years of Martial Arts training. She can tend to use her abilities on obnoxious comrades.

Literary Skills- She is profficient in many languages and can read books that date back many years. She can understand Xing, Ishval and simple Amestris scripture.


As a child, Clara grew up in an apartment in Central. Her parents were soldiers and went to war when she was five. She moved in with her Grandmother, until she was eight. She then found out about her parents death she grew shy and began to stray from others. She joined the army and continued with her training. She began using a FG42 in combat and was present during many important events, including Mustanfs attack on Central.