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Leon Kershaw

The Best Kind of Cargo

"State your name." a voice whispered from a small slit in the metal door.

Leon looked back and forth, scanning both ends of the dark ally for anyone that wasn't supposed to be there. Satisfied there were not curious ears nearby, Leon leaned closer to the slit in the metal door.

"I plan to leave with more names than my own." Leon whispered.

There was a long pause on the other side of the door. Lowering his head slightly, Leon could see a pair of beady brown eyes looking back at him, scanning him up and down before disappearing behind a metal flap. Moments later Leon heard a heavy bolt shifting on the other side of the door and a second after the door opened. Leon could now see who the eyes belonged to, a relatively short bald man who eyed Leon cautiously. Leon almost felt as if the man was trying to penetrate him with that stare as he stepped through the doorway.

"You don't look like the usual customer." the man stated as he slammed the door behind Leon. "Most guys that come through here are a little older than you."

Leon had so doubt what the man was saying was true. Leon imagined most of the other buyers at this particular auction would be in their forties or fifties, where as he himself was about half that age.

"What, the rich old farts are the only ones that get to have nice things?" Leon's voice dripped arrogance. "My understanding was that anyone with the cash could partake in this auction."

"Just let me pat you down and you can go."